Big Bed

FAQ: When should I move my baby to a big bed? Big bed transition? I suggest girls are ready from the age of 2.5 and boys from 3 years of age. I talk about this in this news letter please follow this link.  

If you are following my advice in the toddler book and are moving a toddler who is in a sleep bag from a cot to a big bed, I recommend you get the Pure Cotton Duvet (8 TOG)and use the sleep bag under it in the summer. During the colder months you can add the Save Our Sleep Luxury blankets.

If you are not going to use a safe sleep bag under the quilt I suggest you use the Pure Wool Duvet (12 TOG). A tip is in summer you can flatten it to reduce the TOG rating and in the winter shake it and really fluff it up because the more air that is trapped the warmer the TOG rating and warmth.

If your little one has allergies I recommend my bamboo sheets and one of our mattress protectors.

The pillow I recommend is my first pillow.


1.    "Do you sell any single bed waterproof mattress protectors, I couldn't see any in your webstore?"

Tizzie's recommendation: No I don’t sell them they make children sweat and aggravate eczema, what I do is use the Save Our Sleep mattress protector link for a single bed and put the Save Our Sleep Waterproof Bedlinen Protector under your child's bottom (or head if they have a vomiting bug).

2.    Why can I not find a king single quilt in the drop down box?

Tizzie's recommendation: The reason we do not sell a king single quilt is because you can not get covers for them. We suggest the double quilt because you can get very nice children’s covers for double quilts and they hang on the bed better than a single.  

Goodbye Cot Hello Bed and big Bed Problems!
Moving your child from a cot to a bed or you have moved them and are now having problems, this article will help you. It covers toddlers moving to a big bed and the problems you will come across in the first few years after the move.
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